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In our company based in Istanbul, we provide you with consultancy services in various areas of health.

Turkey offers cheap and high-quality medical services compared to different countries. Turkey also provides the advantage of combining treatment services with touristic opportunities for rest and recovery.

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Turkey, has become a popular destination for health tourism in recent years. The country has invested heavily in its healthcare infrastructure and offers a wide range of medical services to both domestic and international patients.

The number of people who travel to Turkey for health tourism has been steadily increasing over the years. However, specific statistics can vary from year to year and are influenced by factors such as marketing efforts, economic conditions, and global health trends.

Turkey has made significant strides in improving its healthcare services in recent years, which has contributed to its reputation for providing good healthcare.

Turkey has a diverse climate due to its geographical location, which spans across both Europe and Asia and features a wide range of topographical variations, including mountains, plateaus, and coastal regions.

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